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Welcome to Willie's Art
operating under B.J.P. Marketing LTD

Below you'll find all the information about how to order, methods of payment, shipping options, and our return policy. 

Ordering Information

Ordering on-line 
Willie's Art is set up for ordering on-line through e-mail parkergto69@gmail.com and can use major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and American Express through the use of PayPal or Square. Both are secure with all transactions and are easy to use. 


E-transfer is available upon request and we will set up for you to use after contacting us. 

A lay-away program

A lay-away program is available and should you wish to use, please scroll down to the lay-away information on how to use this feature.  We accept Canadian and U.S. funds. 


Good old cash is also accepted in person and personnel cheques will be accepted but merchandise will not be shipped until the cheque has been processed by our bank. 

Off-line ordering

Off-line ordering will be accepted and this process is done by e-mailing us. Please list the print and type of print such as Limited edition or artist proof or canvas. Please list as well a minimum of 3 special numbers of print you may wish to receive. If available. Personal cheques will be accepted here as well and once bank processed, the print requested, if available, will be forwarded.

Please provide return contact information for follow-up with you to confirm the order or possible alternate print numbers.

Shipping Options

Willie's Art will pay all the Shipping, Handling and insurance on all domestic orders. We do ask to allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of the product under normal circumstances for Limited Edition Prints and the Artist Proofs. Should a custom remark be requested on the Artist Proof there will be an additional delay for this to happen. Gallery Edition Canvases are sent for stretching

upon order and will also be delayed. Gallery Edition canvases are sent fully stretched on frame ready for wall placement upon receipt. 

Limited Edition Prints and Artist Proofs are shipped rolled in a poly sleeve, in a hard-walled cardboard tube. Please note that to prevent tampering, caps are secured with staples


(pliers work well) before removing your print/artist proof from the tube. 

Gallery Edition Canvases are shipped stretched and ready to hang in U.S.A and Canada.

They are packaged in a large poly bag with protective corners,

bubble wrapped and shipped in a large box. 

Gallery Editions shipped outside of North America are rolled on to a cylinder, wrapped in plastic and packaged in a double walled cardboard box. These will be shipped via Airmail to international clients. 

Limited Edition Prints, Artist Proofs, and Gallery Edition Canvases are shipped to most destinations in Canada and the U.S.A. with FedEX Ground. We will also use USPS and Canada Post when required. All packages are insured. 

FedEX and Canada Post do require a street address if you have a Post Office box number, RR1 or General delivery address. This is required so please determine a street address

if this applies to you. 

Should a Rush Order be requested, this is available at a cost of $30.00 extra to cover this extra cost. Should a special occasion delivery date be requested, we will do our best to get

your order on time. A Rush delivery may be required so

call Bill 1-780-201-5112 to arrange to make the date.

Layaway Masterpiece Plan

Our no fee Layaway plan, allows you to take advantage of our Limited Edition, Artist Proofs and Artist proofs with Remark, to order that special print or plan ahead for that special occasion gift. 

This works well for several family members to take part in that Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, Wedding, or Christmas gift. Each can take part in the payment option to make

the gift extra special and easy to plan.


You can do this over a 12 month period at no extra cost. Price is what it is at the time of

signing up for the program. Once full payment is made, we will ship the requested print

via Canada Post or FedEX ground.


Should extra time over 12 months be needed, please contact us direct for arrangements for extensions to be made. Should for some reason, you do not wish to complete the layaway, all payments received less 20% of full purchase price, will be returned. 

How the Layaway Works 

  1. Choose your Limited Edition Prints(s), Artist Proof(s) or Gallery Edition Canvas(es).
    This is the toughest part. 

  2. E-mail Bill at parkergto69@gmail.com or call 1-780-201-5112 to place your order 
    and any arrangements needed. 

  3. Put down a deposit with a minimum of 10% of total package. We can take a list of who will be making payments, how they will make the payments, take your credit card information
    if you wish for monthly billing
    or make arrangements for payment by cheques. All we ask if making payments that you notify us by e-mail when making payments and list by a agreed name for the print.. 

  4. Delivery of print is made once final payment is received. If it is for a special occasion, please allow 4 weeks from final payment for delivery to be made.

Original Prints

On some occasions artist Micheal Irvine has the original watercolour prints available and the list

is very selective. Should you wish to inquire about a special original water colour print being available, please contact Bill at parkergto69@gmail.com and I will contact Linda or Micheal to determine if it is available. These prints are valuable and cost $10,000 to $15,000 each when available. 

Should a listing on site show that it is sold out, it may mean that there's simply no more available from the artist directly. There is a network of dealers available who work together and the print may be available through another dealer so do inquire. Some prints may also be sold out but available through a dealer already framed for an additional cost, so once again inquire. 

All prints are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity listed number of print and hand signed by artist. Limited Edition and Artist Proofs are embossed with Micheal's Studio Seal. Each listed print is reproduced in a set number of Limited Edition Prints, Artist Proofs and Gallery Edition Canvases. Once sold out, then only the secondary market is available.

Return Policy

Returns are not available, but we will replace any prints that have been damaged during shipping, for free.  If you require more information, or need assistance,

please send us an email at parkergto69@gmail.com

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.