Bill and Janet Parker, Dealers

B.J.P. Marketing Ltd is Bill and Janet Parker and live in Cold Lake, Alberta. Bill retired from the R.C.M.Police in 1995 and they both became owners of a retail store in Cold Lake until 2015. 

Throughout the past 45 years, Bill and Janet travelled throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan and came to enjoy the excellent scenery these places had to offer. Bill has always had an interest in older vehicles and farming implements and how they were using in “Getting it Done”.

Car art helps us recall what our first vehicle was, what we learned to drive in, what was used for that

first date, and what our favourite was. Mention a car to anyone and suddenly everyone slows down to remember the good times. 

We have worked with Dan Reid and Micheal Irvine, two Canadian artists who provide excellent work in restoring those memories. We hope that their work is something that may help out in finding that special piece for yourself or someone whom you know. 


It will always start a conversation.

Bill has developed another passion in working with wood in making of Toys for both children and adults.  Some of the wooden pieces are great toys for children of all ages and should last for a good while.  He has been busy as well repairing pieces that are generations old and need a loving touch to bring back to life for another generation or two. 

Other pieces have been found to be detailed to a higher level and are great pieces as gifts for the person who is living on farms, driving trucks for a living or of just general interest for those who are hard to get for.  Some are one of pieces as not many are the same in construction as Bill is always looking for more detail to add.

Many new pieces are being added regularly and some are taking upwards of 100 hours or work to complete.

Our Location


Address: Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada